Market & Spa Day

Another day on Salt Spring Island....

Ganges hosts a Market each Saturday (April - October). Every merchant must "Make it, Bake it or Grow it" or it's not allowed. The variety wss spectacular. Pottery, wood carving, hemp clothing, huge glass and metal bugs, silversmithing, soap: the artistry varied and beautiful. The food was equally as artistic with gorgeous plants and herbs, artisan cheeses (we met the cheesemaker from Moonstruck), French pastries, organic jams, etc. For the size of the island's population, the quality, variety and quantity was truly amazing. We heard that the merchants "do" the market for fun more than anything and the atmosphere certainly reflects it. All smiling faces and people more than willing to chat up a storm.

We pulled ourselves from the fun because today was spa day. We had reserved an "Island Rejuvenation" package back at the Salt Spring Spa. This consisted of a full body massage, local salt rubdown, hydro massage ending with a herbal body wrap. During the consultation, my therapist, Jen, determined a mud treatment would be more appropriate so she substituted it in place of the herbal wrap.

Jen and Carlos provided such relief and pleasure to us. We were blissed out when we left and had to sit a spell before getting on with the day. They each used their intuitive gifts and healing energy to take us to a place of peace. Bless them both.

We decided to go for a ride and explore the other side of the island. The central part of the island is more developed than either the north or south. The village of Vesuvius is a ferry port and has a restaurant and small market - that's about it. It is entirely quaint while doing it though. Long Harbor is a ferry port - no commercial properties so its not really a town - but the peninsula seems to be a collection of several gorgeous waterfront homesteads. More "can you imagine living there's" later we headed to Mount Maxwell.

Mount Maxwell Provincial Park is a protected area with trails and a hair-raisingly steep mud road (don't tell the rental car company) to the summit of - you guessed it - Mount Maxwell. At 1975 feet it is not the highest point on the island but damn close.

Salt Spring Island - Mount Maxwell

What makes it so cool? The summit has a sheer drop-off making the view sublime. We could see the Southern Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island and even the San Juan Islands (US). We scampered about the rocks - dodging the really loud tourists - and sighed a lot as we gazed. The ferries went about their business, the eagles soared and our eyes soaked in the beauty.

Salt Spring Island - Beach CombingThe roads leading back "home" were roller-coaster fun (Robinson Road). We hit the waterfront in front of the resort and beach combed a bit before building another fire and finishing off the last of the Salt Spring wine.Salt Spring Island - Wine




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Market & Spa Day
Ganges Market, Salt Spring Spa and Mount Maxwell. What a day.
Getting Grounded

Getting around Salt Spring is a breeze - it's not that big geographically - but huge in its detactment from the crazy real world. It's the kind of place you can actually meet the people who made/caught/grew your food. Talk about grounding....

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