Smart Crash

December 2008: I have a Smart car. Yup, those goofy micro-cars that recently hit the US market. I've been really happy with it and have loved driving it since getting it in July. Today, I'm even happier about it given the accident that I had yesterday.

I got rear ended while driving on the freeway. Yes, at highway speed no less. I'm OK - a bit sore today - and may go see the doctor - but I'm OK. Dang, I was still in one piece after getting pushed into the ditch so it's all good.


Here's what it looks like to be rear-ended in a Smart car:

Smart Car rear ended by SUV

Smart Car rear ended by SUV - Driver Side

Smart Car rear ended by SUV - Close Up

(Sorry for the crappy cell-phone images...)

When the tow truck pulled the car out, it pulled the other car about 6 feet as well because we were so entangled together. The other car was a VW Touareg - yup - an SUV. See, you can survive being rear-ended by an SUV in a Smart!!

To my amazement, even after this accident I was able to drive the car to the dealership. I'm absolutely astounded this little car took getting hit in the rear so well. Remember, the engine is in the back on this little puppy.

When I got to the dealership, I couldn't believe how fantastic they treated me. I had parked in the service lot to call my insurance company when someone actually came out to see if I was OK and to offer the use of phones inside - it was about -5F at the time.

The smell of coolant and melting plastic was redolent through the shop when I got it into the bay. I was a bit embarrassed to bring the baby home in this condition but I felt genuine concern from everyone at the dealership.

A cheerful, professional Smart dealership staff member gave me a ride home to retrieve my other car. Upon return (to collect my stuff in the Smart car - don't forget it's holiday shopping time) I tried to give my ride-home driver a "little something". He refused politely explaining that taking care of customers is just what they do. 

The technician told me they've had a couple of totaled Smarts this winter. In both cases the occupants walked away from the accident. I'm hopeful I won't have a "totaled" situation on my hands but I can attest to being able to walk away from a fairly serious crash.

I'll keep you posted....

Quick update...later that day....
Got some really supportive responses to this post already - particularly from fellow Smart car owners. One has a great website all about Smart and its general terrificness. Check it out at

42 days later....
Yes, I finally got the car back. After the machinations of the insurance company the funds were finally released. The actual repair took about 5 days. Not happy with the insurance company but VERY happy with Smart. Great work, great service and I'm happily cruising around again feeling safe and snug.

Year and 1/2 Later....
Gotta tell you, have not had a single problem since. OK, maybe a burnt out lightbulb, but that's it. This is one heck of a car.




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