Moving Sucks But Provides Proof of Universal Law

There are really no other words for it. Moving sucks. In spite of the mayhem that it causes, it gives perspective that only transitition can provide. More on that in a bit.


Maybe you've heard the story already but in case you missed it - or I wasn't in a sharing mood at the time - Peter and I moved. We are now located in the Phoenix area.


But let me back up a bit to describe what can only be described as Universal Intervention.....

Sunrise Over Socorro - a scene from the roadtrip down. 


A couple years ago, my dad decided he wanted to move back to Minnesota. Since he doesn't really like to have assets around that he won't use, he offered his place in Arizona to whomever in the family wanted it. We thought it was a terrific opportunity to create a retreat and accepted (along with one of my brothers and his wife). We've gone down a few times and made some cosmetic changes to build a retreat-like atmosphere but haven't really used it nearly as much as we'd liked. In fact, we were in preliminary discussions to get rid of it.


Fast forward to about a year ago. Peter's position at work morphed into something that was not exactly in his area of expertise or interest. He threw it out to the Universe to find a perfect solution for his desire for a new career path. Heck, if it could be in a warmer climate - all the better.


Not long after his intention was released, things started happening with a LinkedIn connection made years ago leading to interviews and eventually a job offer. Not only is it in an industry he is thrilled to be in but it is also in an area of his expertise. On top of it all, it was in Phoenix where we already had a place to live should we need it.


It would be difficult to ignore the fact that his intention and the end result were exactly in line with the Universal Law which states: Ask for what you need and then wait for it to happen. Be prepared for it to come to you in ways you did not expect. And once you receive what you have asked for, say thank you and shut up.  
More on this here


I can assure you, this is not how I expected things to work out. My seemingly closed mind thought he would find a new job closer to home; thinking "most people get jobs because of their local network". Well, golly, guess that network no longer needs to be local. And my own intention for him (to find a new job) was met in ways I could not foresee. Quite humbling.


Also, I can't help but be amazed that we have been protected in ways large and small. Large in that we were provided what we needed long ago (my dad's old place) and small in that the worse thing that's happened during the move was a cracked windshield and a missing bike fender. [Some would argue that avoiding the "Snowmegadon" storm of Dec 9-10 in the Twin Cities where 17.1 inches of snow fell - the 5th highest all-time snowfall for Minneapolis - is a huge level of protection. Can't say I disagree.]


So as we accept the transition and settle into a new normal, I remind myself that no matter what the struggle, I've got to throw out an intention to make that struggle far less a burden. Peter's experience is a testimonial to this power. Knowing that we all can tap into it at any time is quite comforting.


Oh, and as for moving sucks. Yes it does. It's hard to remember where you packed your underwear and figure out how to get the water heater to work. But in the end it's all part of the path that's laid in front of each of us. If we let the little things get in the way we'll never get anywhere.

Sunset in AZ the first night there.

Your thoughts on all of this are welcome.




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There are really no other words for it. Moving sucks. In spite of the mayhem that it causes, it gives perspective that only transitition can provide.

Let me describe what can only be described as Universal Intervention.....

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