Arizona Day Trips

The following compilation of day trips came about because friends are visiting us in Arizona. Hope you enjoy this diverse list of activities:


ATV through Bulldog Canyon
Just up the street from the Retreat is a real off-road gem of a ride through Bulldog Canyon OHV Area, part of the Tonto National Forest. You’ll need to have a 4 x 4 to get through here as well as a Tonto Pass & Bulldog Permit but it will definitely take you off the beaten path into the beautiful Goldfield Mountains.
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International Markets
Experience the Valley of the Sun through the gastronomical viewpoint of ethnic supermarkets. Highlights of this experience include:

Lee Lee International Supermarket
- take a spin around the globe at this amazing and huge place.

Super L Ranch Market - Every Asian culture is represented here. Sometimes stinky yet intriguing.

Pros Ranch Market
- Take a trip south of the border without thinking about how to get back through Customs & Immigration. Where else can you get baby goat and chicken feet? Menudo anyone?

Tucson for Smart Lunch
Take a ride through the back roads of Arizona to visit Tucson - a world away from the East Valley’s milk cartons in the sand. A highlight of Tucson is the Old Town Artisans located in the El Presido Historic District. This 150 year old adobe building has a Spanish-style courtyard where La Cocina is located. Drink cocktails and/or eat wholesome grub as you listen to live music and soak in the ambiance. Favorite menu item: GLB sandwich.

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High Tea
The Arizona Biltmore offers two seatings for an elegant tea repast: Noon and 3:00pm. Put your pinky up and enjoy the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired resort.

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Mesa Swap Meet/Flea Market
For a more earthy experience, pull into this open air assortment of mom and pop run booths featuring everything you can think of - from dried fruit to Mexican terra cotta. The people watching is amazing as is the on-going PA announcements “2 eggs - any style - at the snack bar”

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Arizona Day Trips

The following list of day trips resulted from compiling activity suggestions for friends visiting us in Arizona. A diverse list of activities.

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Low and behold the Universe provides

... actually it was the teachings I've read, experienced and choose to believe which were being shared at that moment. Originally, this teaching came to me from a wide variety of sources. Various religious beliefs teach it. Common sense dictates it. Even spirit-starved science offers clues to it.

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